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Aziz Shittu Commits To Stanford Over USC, UCLA, Cal

Aziz Shittu has had probably the most fun out of any college football recruit concerning his commitment. The Buhach Colony defensive tackle from Atwater, California has tended to look all around the state for the school he wanted to be at. Shittu originally had the Stanford Cardinal in mind and committed to them early in the process, but reopened his recruitment to try and make the most of his visits.

Shittu settled on a final four of the Stanford Cardinal, USC Trojans, UCLA Bruins and the California Golden Bears. And at a high school press conference, Shittu recommitted back to his first school, Stanford.

The Cardinal are finishing the 2011-12 recruiting season on a roll, and could be contending for a top 10 class, perhaps finishing with the most complete class in the Pac-12.

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