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National Signing Day 2012: Markuss Eligwe To Choose Between Florida State And Cal

The California Golden Bears have lost some high profile recruits over the last few days. Could they be on the verge of making up some ground?

Markuss Eligwe is one of the top recruits landed by Florida State for their 2012 recruiting lineup; the Stone Mountain outside linebacker from Georgia is expected to be one of the top pass-rushers from this class. But Eligwe took an official visit to Cal this past weekend, and it seems like he's at least giving some consideration to the Bears before signing his LOI to one of these teams.

It is quite possible that Eligwe will just be doing this to reaffirm his commitment to Florida State and get some extra attention to a player that might help sway others to become Seminoles. . But it has to be a good sign for Cal that they've moved this far to get him to choose between the two schools.

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