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2012 NFL Draft: Mychal Kendricks, Trevor Guyton, Mitchell Schwartz Try To Move Up Board For Cal

Mychal Kendricks, Trevor Guyton, Mitchell Schwartz, Marvin Jones and Sean Cattouse are the top potential Cal prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft.

For perhaps the first time in a long time, the California Golden Bears aren't the team in the Bay Area with the top-quality talent leaving their school. But they still have a lot of prospects that could develop into strong NFL talent once they make it to the league.

Mychal Kendricks. The Pac-12 defensive player of the year had a standout season for the Bears in becoming their main cog. However, Kendricks plays a position that is highly interchangeable in football--the inside linebacker, so he might not have the highest draft stock among the Bears.

Trevor Guyton. Could Tosh Lupoi put a defensive lineman in the league for the third straight year? Guyton is definitely a solid defensive end prospect, although he doesn't quite have the talent of Cameron Jordan or Tyson Alaulu. Guyton still should be a guy who gets drafted sometime on the second or third game.

Mitchell Schwartz. Schwartz is an offensive tackle, and has been a solid contributor throughout his four years starting for the Bears. Offensive tackles are always at a premium in the draft. He hasn't stood out the way Stanford linemen have though, but if he could be developed properly, he could become a solid tackle, most likely on the right side.

Marvin Jones. Jones took a backseat to Keenan Allen this year, but he still had great moments and made some very solid catches tiptoeing the sidelines. Considering how important it is for receivers to be able to play the outside flats, Jones should be able to get drafted by a team that takes advantage of his physical talents.

Sean Cattouse. Cattouse never put it all together with the Bears, but he still has the physical ability to play in the league, so if he can get picked up by a team that knows how to utilize him, he could be a great asset.

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