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Cal Basketball Beats Stanford 69-59, Remains Tied For First In The Pac-12

The California Golden Bears and the Stanford Cardinal played a hard, physical and tough contest at Haas Pavilion on Sunday night. But for the fourth year in a row, Cal came out on top at home.

Allen Crabbe led the Bears with 18 points and seven rebounds, Jorge Gutierrez finished with 11 points and 12 rebounds, Harper Kamp had 15 points and six boards, and Justin Cobbs finished with 13 points. Cal played a close contest through most of the second half before the Bears finally put some distance between themselves.

But the Cal defense again was the big difference in this contest, holding Stanford to 38.5% shooting and 2-13 three point. Cal shot about 43%, but they outrebounded Stanford 38-30, moved the ball better (14 assists to nine), and just outexecuted Stanford down the stretch, particularly in their talented backcourt.

Dwight Powell and Stefan Nastic had 11 points while Josh Owens added 9 points and 9 boards for the Cardinal

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