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College Football Recruiting: Arik Armstead Will Announce College Decision On Sunday, Cal In The Mix

Pleasant Grove high school lineman Arik Armstead has been one of the very top prospects in the country for a while now. The senior stands at 6-foot-8 and weighs 295 pounds.

Armstead had made a commitment to USC prior to his junior season, where he was expected to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Armond Armstead, who is currently a member of the Trojans. However, in November 2011, Arik rescinded that commitment, possibly due to Armond butting heads with head coach Lane Kiffin and becoming disillusioned with the USC football program.

In spite of this, Kiffin was one of many college representatives paying home visits to the Armstead residence in the past week. A score of colleges are attempting to court the dynamic lineman prior to national signing day on February 1. One of the schools in pursuit of Armstead is the California Golden Bears.

The latest news, according to Joe Davidson at The Sacramento Bee, is that Armstead is expected to announce his final college decision on Sunday. If Cal ended up with the prospect, it would be a definite impact move.

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