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Shaq Thompson Top 3: Cal, Washington, Oregon

Shaquille Thompson from Grant High appears to still be sticking with his original commitment to the California Golden Bears. But there are other schools that appear to be fitting into picture the week before National Signing Day. Thompson is looking around at two other schools, the Washington Huskies and the Oregon Ducks. Here's what each of the three have to offer, courtesy of Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee.

  • Cal: Shaq is really tight with most of the members of this class. Considering the family connections between the Thompson family and Cal, and the Bears have to be the overwhelming favorites.
  • Washington: Shaq does have coaching connections with Tosh Lupoi and Justin Wilcox now settled up in Seattle. Thompson's high school friend James Sample is also at Washington.
  • Oregon: The facilities, the uniforms, the recent winning tradition do give the Ducks some selling points.
    Oregon seems like a dark horse, but Chip Kelly seems to be interested in setting up an in-home visit.

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