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Arik Armstead To Likely Decide Between Oregon, Notre Dame And Auburn, Cal Out

The biggest fall-out regarding Tosh Lupoi was bound to happen on the defensive line and the top-notch recruits the California Golden Bears were pursuing up front. One of the biggest ones was Arik Armstead from Pleasant Grove, who had recently decommitted from USC and seemed very interested in coming to Cal in recent weeks.

With Lupoi gone, that option appears to be out. Armstead will make his decision, but he won't be coming out West.

Armstead will likely choose one of those schools because it would mean he could play with his brother, who is likely about to transfer away from the USC Trojans. Either Notre Dame or Auburn would be picking up a pair of quality linemen who could greatly help their squad on the defensive side of the football. The Oregon Ducks are also a possibility, but they're probably a dark horse in this race.

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