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Tosh Lupoi Leaves Cal, Hired By Washington

The California Golden Bears have a huge hole to fill with the departure of Tosh Lupoi to the Washington Huskies.

The California Golden Bears might have been dealt a critical blow when defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi was hired away by the Washington Huskies. Lupoi will join his old friend Justin Wilcox (former Cal linebacker coach and now Washington defensive coordinator) on the Seattle sideline. Lupoi was reportedly offered three times as much money to be the Washington defensive line coach, an offer that was probably too good to turn down.

Lupoi was considered to be the critical recruiter and the main impetus behind Cal's recent surge in recruiting, as the Bears are coming off two impressive classes, particularly on the defensive side of the football. Cal looked like they were forming another great class before Lupoi's departure. It'll be interesting to see whether these recruits stick with their commitments.

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