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Cal Vs. Utah: Golden Bears Breeze Past Utes 81-45

The Utah Utes regressed to being a bad basketball team on Saturday night against the California Golden Bears. Utah scored 7 points in the first few minutes before managing eight the rest of the second half as they fell behind 32-15. Utah did manage 30 points in the second half but gave up 49 and 70% shooting as the Bears cruised to victory.

Jorge Gutierrez broke out of his Colorado shooting slump and knocked down seven of nine baskets for 15 points while also dishing six assists. Harper Kamp had his second straight solid performance with 14 points and six rebounds, and Justin Cobbs had a great double-double with 14 points and 11 assists.

Cal shot 60% from the field and had 24 assists to Utah's six while also having 10 turnovers to Utah's 18. Cal moves back into a tie for first place with Stanford in the Pac-12 as they prepare for another big road trip, this one against the Washington schools.

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