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Cal Vs. Colorado: Buffs Ticket Sales Lagging, 7000 Tickets Yet To Be Sold

Cal fans struggled to sell tickets for their opening matchup against Fresno State, but their game against Colorado could also be sparsely attended.

The California Golden Bears struggled to make ticket sales go in their season opener against the Fresno State Bulldogs, but there were a lot of factors that caused sales to lag--the game were at the dump of a stadium known as Candlestick Park, it was Labor Day weekend and thus not the best time to head to make a trek to San Francisco, the opponent was middling Fresno St, and the ticket prices were pretty exorbitant, too much for students and many alumni to handle. 

Cal should expect a fuller stadium against the Colorado Buffaloes, but it won't be that much fuller. Colorado still has about 7,000 tickets left to be sold, according to Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera. Now Cal might not be the biggest marquee matchup on the slate and Colorado has obviously been through a rough patch of football lately, but 7k still seems pretty high. It does seem that with a struggling economy and HD looking as good as ever, the trend tends to be toward staying home and watching the game there rather than making the trek to your local football stadium.

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