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VIDEO: Tony Gonzalez Goes Ron Burgundy In SNF Intro

Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez had himself quite a night against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was hauling in throws against the Eagles linebacking corps all through the night to keep the Falcons offense moving forward, and was ultimately one of the most critical pieces in ensuring victory for Atlanta. Although he may have lost his first step as he enters the twilight of his career, at 35, he's still proven he can be an effective playmaker.

But it wasn't all business for Gonzo in the Georgia Dome. As is typical of the humor of a University of California grad, Gonzalez showed a little quirkiness in his Sunday Night Football intro. In fact, it looks like he was pondering his identity. Is he really Tony Gonzalez? Did he really get his degree from Cal?

See for yourself after the jump.

Yeah, I can guess which movie Gonzo was watching the night before the game.