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California Vs. Colorado: Paul Richardson Scorches Bears, But Cal Responds To Make It 30-27 Lead

This Cal-Colorado contest has turned into the Paul Richardson show. The former UCLA wide receiver has taken advantage of all the Cal defensive backs have thrown at him, and every time the Cal pass defense has made a mistake he's been there to take advantage.

Almost immediately after the California Golden Bears took a 23-13 lead, quarterback Tyler Hansen went right to Paul Richardson. The ball was thrown behind Richardson, but he made an adjustment back, Josh Hill got stuck out of position because of the adjustment by Richardson, and he went scorching downfield after making a nice move on D.J. Campbell. The touchdown drive had been kept alive by a questionable personal foul on Trevor Guyton on a late whistle.

Then after Colorado's defense forced Cal to a three-and-out thanks to great pressure by the front seven on the offensive line, on the very first offensive play Hansen found Paul Richardson on a deep post route with no safety coverage, and Marc Anthony had no chance to keep up with the speedy Richardson. Richardson now has nine catches for 266 yards and two touchdowns.

The Golden Bears responded. Zach Maynard took a QB keeper inside for a short four yard conversion, a Colorado offside penalty on 3rd and 4 gave the Bears a first down, and Maynard found Michael Calvin on 3rd and 10 for a 28 yard gain. Then C.J. Anderson broke some tackles and powered his way into the end zone to give Cal a 30-27 lead, partly in thanks to big right-side blocking by tight end Spencer Hagan, right guard Justin Cheadle and right tackle Matt Summers-Gavin.

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