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Cal vs. Colorado Score Update: Zach Maynard-Keenan Allen Double Pass Sets Up Bears Touchdown

After the Colorado Buffaloes took an early 3-0 lead thanks in part to a Zach Maynard turnover, the Golden Bears marched down the field and recaptured the lead. They were helped by Colorado penalties--two pass interference penalties (both on third down) gave Cal automatic first downs and 25 free yards. But the Bears made some plays of their own too, particularly by the brothers--quarterback Maynard and wide receiver Keenan Allen.

Maynard found Allen for seven yards on one catch and was his target on one of the pass interference penalties. But the biggest play of the drive was a little trickeration courtesy of the Cal offensive coaching staff. On 1st and 10 at the Colorado 34, Maynard found Allen on what looked like a wide receiver screen, and then Allen started looking like he was going to throw it downfield. He did throw it--back to his quarterback Maynard. Maynard had plenty of space down the sideline, but nearly fumbled the ball when he didn't secure the ball properly when running it.

Nevertheless, Cal got first and goal at the four yard line, and after two Isi Sofele rushes were stuffed short of the goal-line, Maynard found backup fullback Nico Dumont running a short out pattern to the flat. Dumont managed to stretch for the score to give Cal their first lead of the game. Giorgio Tavecchio's extra point was blocked after poor interior special teams offensive line protection on the kick, so the score remains 6-3.

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