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Cal vs. Fresno State: Bulldogs Hold 5000+ Ticket Advantage Over Golden Bears

The Fresno St. Bulldogs can hang their heads high and bark loud and proud for turning out in huge droves for this weekend's neutral site game at Candlestick Park against the California Golden Bears. According to John Crumpacker of the San Francisco Chronicle, Fresno State has sold 14,334 tickets, compared to 9,100 for Cal. Fresno State has long passed the 10k mark that was needed to get the guaranteed $1 million+ revenue. Cal should get most of the revenue, but they might have to buy the remaining tickets to get the remaining revenue.

Cal fans will probably still buy a lot of tickets off of StubHub, GroupOn, or various other third-party ticket organizations to ensure a sizable fan turnout. But this is a pretty weak moment for the Cal Athletic Ticket Office and Athletic Director Sandy Barbour, as a lot of the flaws for establishing this game in the first place seem to have risen to the surface. Fan apathy, expensive tickets and parking, and an unattractive opponent have left the team in a potential road environment

I'm fairly certain that Cal Athletics will just want this game to kickoff and the Bears garner a victory so they can avoid having to figure out what happened here.

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