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Ex-Cal, Ex-Fresno State Running Back Tracy Slocum Arrested For Pimping

Apparently when Tracy Slocum went to Cal, he learned a lot about how to run a business. Entrepeneurship, best practices, how to treat employees, how to really run a team of workers. Take it away Associated Press.

San Jose police spokesman Jose Garcia said U.S. marshals and Fresno police arrested 23-year-old Tracy Slocum on Friday after a month-long investigation. San Jose police assisted with the investigation.

Slocum was taken into custody in Fresno on suspicion of domestic violence, acting as a pimp and sexual assault.

Life ain't easy bein' a pimp.

Slocum committed to the Bears as part of the 2006 recruiting class and was considered a top-20 national running back. He saw mostly spot time at Cal in 2008 in garbage time, while future NFL draft picks Jahvid Best and Shane Vereen handled the majority of the workload. Slocum averaged a decent 4.41 yards per carry against second and third-string defenses in Washington and Washington State. But he wasn't long for the Bears, as Jeff Tedford eventually kicked him off the team for "multiple team violations", including a "fight at a party".

Slocum walked-on to the Fresno State football team in 2010 as a senior after taking classes at a JuCo, played a few snaps here and there, and seemed very contrite about turning his life around. Sadly, it appears it hasn't worked out for him, and now he'll be facing significant jail time.

Pretty sure this is NOT how Cal and Fresno State fans want people to remember their game.