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Miami Hurricanes Scandal: Former Cal LB Worrell Williams Mentioned

So this whole Miami Hurricanes scandal is brewing, and there is one potential Cal connection. It's of no danger to the California Golden Bears football program and only a small embarrassment to a former Cal player though, so avoid commencing freak outs. Freak outs are unwise. File this under your Golden Trivial Pursuit game categories as "Potpourri".

Cal inside linebacker Worrell Williams was pointed by Ponzi schemer and former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro as being one of the players that received improper benefits from the program. According to the original Yahoo Sports report, Williams attended a party with his brother D.J. (who was a linebacker on the Hurricane team at the time), spoke to Shapiro, and was provided food, drink and entertainment at the party.

That's about it. How droll.

Ultimately, this is probably one of the tamest reports listed in all of the accounts with Miami football players. Looks like Worrell didn't know who was throwing the party and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing much to see here.

And he went to Cal anyway. YOUR PARTIES SUCK NEVIN.

But there's so much more to see on the UM scandal at SB Nation. Check out Spencer Hall's summary and the SB nation storystream dedicated to this developing story.