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Cal Football Recruiting Target: Bryce Treggs, Bellflower WR, Leaning Bears

Of all the wide receivers the California Golden Bears are looking at for next season, Bryce Treggs from Bellflower seems to be the likeliest to commit. Treggs has blood connections deep with Cal--his father Brian played for the Bears from 1988 to 1991. So it would seem like Treggs would have a slightly positive disposition to the little football team up in the Bay Area.

What seems to be most convincing is that Treggs is close to current Cal quarterback commit Zach Kline, and has tweeted about how he and Zach are going to ball out (even adding a #GoBears hashtag for good measure). In his live chat on Rivals, Treggs indicated his preference for the Cal coaching staff.

Finally, on CBS Sports during the Badger 7-on-7s this past weekend, Treggs provided us this info.

"Probably Cal... definitely Cal," he said. "It's not a lock, I'm going to look at all of my other options. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a decision before the season so I can get it out of the way and focus on having a good senior year. I hope I can lead my team to a CIF championship."

Although all the signs seem to indicate Cal, nothing is concrete quite yet until Treggs gives that verbal on record. Treggs does like several other schools, including the cross-Bay rivals the Stanford Cardinal (it'd be interesting to see how Golden Bear dad Brian would react to such a decision), but also schools like Notre Dame, UCLA and Arizona. Treggs, along with Jordan Payton, are probably the two most highly sought-after receivers in California, and Cal landing one or both of them would be a huge recruiting victory.

Bryce Treggs Junior Season Highlights (via BrycesFan1555)

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