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Google, Hulu Partnership With Pac-12 Could Be Mutually Beneficial

As Brian Floyd of SB Nation Seattle pointed out, if the Pac-12 decides to make a huge leap of faith and star their own network with the help of Google, it'd be a bold step forward into the future of sporting consumption. Additionally, the Google deal for Hulu could end up providing the online TV distribution network its own path to permanence. Hulu has been struggling to make money for awhile, and making its mark in the sports world could be the path they need to profitability.

Remember, most cable TV networks make their money based on subscriber fees, and the more sports networks carry, the higher the carriage fee they can charge to their members. Hulu would probably allow Pac-12 viewers to stream their games live, watch them on replay for a certain set of time (a week?), then put it behind a pay wall (whether it'd be part of Hulu Plus or its own separate subscription is up for debate) for general consumption. General fans would come to Hulu on a regular basis; diehards would up subscriptions to Hulu, and make it a go-to destination on the web.

Would a Pac-12/Google-Hulu partnership benefit the Pac-12 more, Google/Hulu more, both, or neither? Let us know in the comments!