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Jeff Tedford Not Concerned About Willie Lyles-Cal Football Connection

It was natural that the salient question presented to Jeff Tedford at Pac-12 Media Day involved Willie Lyles and the $5,000 payment he received from Cal Athletics for his services. Lyles has been a controversial figure ever since the Yahoo Sports report broke on his relationship with Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly, and it was natural that the next person to be targeted for questioning about these reports would be Tedford.

Tedford seemed fairly confident though that Cal had done nothing wrong. In his presser he reiterated (as he had told Jon Wilner) that he "wouldn't recognize Lyles if he was in the room" having only minimal contact with him. His relationship with Lyles was totally based on the scouting services he provided (particularly for recruits in the 250 schools around the Houston area), that Cal had the tapes and prospect list, and that he wasn't concerned about it at all.

Pretty reassuring words, although I doubt anyone will be totally relieved until the Oregon/LSU investigations of Lyles conclude and there are no follow-ups with the Bears.

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