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Andrew Luck Confirms 2011 Likely His Final Season At Pac-12 Media Day

NFL Draft nuts can start getting giddy over April 2012, because it looks like Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck will be there at number one. Luck confirmed to the media at Pac-12 Media Day that 2011 will likely be his final season in Palo Alto, and he'll probably be taking his talents to the next level.

Luck had stated that the reason he came back to Stanford is because he wanted to complete his degree in Architectural Design. Luck is on track to finish his degree this season since this is his fourth year on the Farm (he redshirted in 2008), so everything looks good to go.  Luck could have a monstrous season, and certainly as the weeks past and the hopes of certain NFL teams begin to fade, you'd have to wonder if tanking will start occurring.

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