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Dominic Artis Picks UCLA Over Cal & Other Schools

It was only a matter of time before point guard Dominic Artis from Salesian High hit the big-time, and once he got his offer from the UCLA Bruins it appears he seemed set on heading to Westwood. Artis picked UCLA as his college destination this weekend, and it looks like neither of the two top Bay Area local prospects (who are both transferring to Findlay Prep in Nevada) will be playing their college ball in their region either. Evan Daniels of Scout has the report.

“I really like Ben Howland’s style of play,” Artis told “When I went down there for the visit all the guys were real cool and it just seemed like a good fit for me.”


“When they first started recruiting me they told me they really wanted me to be apart of their program,” he said. “Once I started playing better after Pangos, they really stressed to me that they needed a point guard and I could come in and play.”

UCLA gets a sterling young point guard with all sorts of promise at the next level. He can shoot, he can maintain multiple handles, he can get to plenty of spots on the floor, and he can pass the basketball.  Artis should be a nice young talent that can hopefully aid in landing Brandon Ashley as well, and help usher in the next age of UCLA basketball.

Dominic Artis has Stupid Handles... Best 2012 PG on the West Coast (via Yayareasfinest2006)

Dominic Artis Serving at PANGOS All-American Camp... #1 PG on the West Coast (via Yayareasfinest2006)

Cal always wanted to get Artis and head coach Mike Montgomery was on him early, which is why this is a pretty bitter defeat in terms of local recruiting. The Bears will have to regroup and try and find another point guard to fit their suddenly dire 2012 needs.

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