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Zach Kline, Bart Houston Named 2011 Elite 11 Quarterbacks

It looks as if the East Bay will have two fine senior quarterbacks lining up under center this fall. Both San Ramon Valley's Zach Kline and De La Salle's Bart Houston have acquitted themselves admirably at the Elite 11 camp in Pepperdine. It should be no surprise that the two were among the final eleven named as Elite 11 quarterbacks in 2011. The Nike Elite 11 Coaching staff gave their assessment, and they placed Kline in 5th place and Houston in 10th according to Barton Simmons of 247Sports.

Kline has impressed everyone in attendance with his ball placement and the power in his arm. Brian Stumpf of ESPN stated that he won the strongest arm award, beating out the two big prospects in Gunner Kiel and Jameis Winston.  Houston's accuracy was his biggest attribute, and his ability to be solid and consistent all week ensured him a spot among the top 11.

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