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Elite 11: QB Bart Houston Compares Wisconsin Badgers Program To De La Salle Football

Bart Houston has a proud tradition of winning at De La Salle High in Concord, California, and he appears ready to continue that tradition in Madison. The Wisconsin Badgers appear to be the perfect match for Houston, and this profile by Steve Wiltfong on 247Sports seems to further indicate how much his college choice matches with his current high school.

  • Both De La Salle and Wisconsin are predisposed to strong feelings for their seniors. 
  • He wants to be a chemical engineering major. Wisconsin has one of the finest engineering programs in the country.
  • And of course, he wants to start early. His second choice, Iowa, would have probably situated him on the bench, and Wisconsin allows him a better opportunity to play in an earlier period.

De La Salle mostly runs the veer, so he'll have to make some shifts to Wisconsin's traditional I-formation power run style of play, but Houston is an accurate passer who throws plenty of touchdowns, so it should hopefully not take too long for him to adjust.

Oh yeah, he's also doing quite well at the Elite 11 Camp too. He was the second best performer early on, and he stayed in the top ten early on. Barton Simmons with a full report.

10. Bart Houston – Wisconsin commit
Cerebral and savvy, Houston is not the flashiest of quarterbacks but the ball always seems to be in the right place. Through the first two days, Houston had positioned himself as the No. 2 performer according to the Elite 11 staff and while he likely won’t be that high in the rankings following day 4, he won’t be far down the list. Houston doesn’t make mistakes, he has plenty of arm for the tough throws and though he has slow feet, he moves well functionally within the pocket.

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