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Elite 11: Zach Kline Showcases Decision-Making, Accuracy, Placement On Day 3

So much for the early concerns that Cal football quarterback Zach Kline would have issues with his accuracy. After having trouble with his touch when showing off his arm strength the first few days, the San Ramon Valley product recovered with a solid performance on Wednesday. The main passing competition involved quarterbacks getting two series of four reps in 7-on-7 competition and showcasing their stuff. Kline went 6 for 8 (3 for 4 including one deep catch on each of the two sets according to Mike Grimala of ESPN Rise). Barton Simmons of 247 Sports reports on Kline's overall performance.

10. Zach Kline – California commit
Don’t be surprised if Zach Kline throws some interceptions early in his career. He’s got a mentality that there isn’t a throw he can’t make. And why not? He has possibly the best arm at the event and was absolutely humming it in the 7on7 attempting to fit into some windows that no other quarterback could think about. More importantly though, he was still making good decisions and the correct reads. He finished 6 of 8, completing 3 of 4 in each of his two series.

It's odd that Simmons would say Kline would throw interceptions because he fits ball into tight windows. Usually that kind of accuracy is prized at the high school level, and it's certainly the type of skill that is hard to come by this early in your career. Defenders would have greater difficulty trying to catch balls that are put in the right places rather than errant throws that are off-target and fall into their zones. All in all, it's certainly a promising sign that Kline is able to perform this well with his reads and his placement, as those are two skills Jeff Teford places a premium on.

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