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Pac-12 Network Could Show Football, Basketball On Cable, Olympic Sports On Internet

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott wants to do things a little different than other big-time college football conferences, particularly with regards to how he distributes the sports of the conference across the country. It's already been reported that the Pac-12 is interested in a partnership with an online entity like Apple or Google. Now Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News has fleshed out what it is exactly Scott is looking for when it comes to combining cable and Internet distribution to garner the most exposure for his conference.

Pac-12 exploring numerous options for network, including multiple platforms: fball and bball on cable TV, Oly sports on internet TV

League doesn't want Pac-12 Network fball/bball games only shown on internet TV, hoping to strike balance w/ traditional broadcast outlets

This seems like the most solid of conclusions. The Pac-12 probably needs to have all their football/basketball games on TV to move up in the conference pecking order; at the moment, it's probably near the bottom, with all other major conferences (SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East) way ahead thanks to their ties with ESPN. With the new Pac-12 TV contracts factoring in ESPN, you'll see a major upgrade in distribution. With a Pacific-12 television network showcasing the rest of the games, you have every football/basketball game on TV for everyone to see. Finally, the distribution of the grand Pac-12 Olympic sports tradition online, it provides non-revenue sports an opportunity to market themselves with constant exposure. Good times all around in Walnut Creek.