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Brandon Ashley Seems To Be Favoring Arizona Wildcats, Oregon Ducks

Local Bay Area prospect Brandon Ashley is doing his thing at numerous summer camps, and usually it ends with him impressing the scouts monitoring his game. At 6'10", his competitive spirit as a big complements his versatility, and it gives him a much-needed boost in his basketball profile. Here he is at the Nike Peach Jam Camp in North Augusta, South Carolina competing for his AAU team, the Oakland Soldiers.

PeachJam1-Ashley.m4v (via UKWildcatX)

Ashley also made it clear he's cutting his list of schools, and at least two Pac-12 squads--the Arizona Wildcats and Oregon Ducks--will appear in his top 5. Bobby Bancroft of National Hoops Report has more.

"The two schools that are on me the hardest right now are the two schools that are close to home right now – Oregon and Arizona.  They are coming to all of my games.  I’ve seen them front row in every game I’ve been to."

Although it's far from certain that Ashley stays on the West Coast, the fact that he keeps on throwing out Arizona and Oregon out there has to bode well for both of these schools, especially considering he's likely to make a decision sooner rather than later. This is the type of talent that can really lift up a college basketball program, so the Ducks would love to have this type of player.

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