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Jabari Bird, 2013 SG From Salesian, Favors Arizona, Cal, Washington

Let's look ahead a year into the future at the 2013 recruiting class, and the two local recruits that'll garner the most pub. We start by looking up north toward Richmond and the best local guard in the region.

Jabari Bird will be a junior next year, but already as a sophomore he's vaulted his way into national prominence. Unranked nearly a year ago, Bird has soared into the RIvals100, and is now considered the 21st best junior in the country. Right now Bird seems to be weighing three options, according to Alex Schwartz of Northstar Basketball.

Bird seems to be favoring Arizona, according to his latest comments.

"Schools that stand out to me—I'd probably have to say Arizona, Washington and Cal are definitely my top three right now, but I'm still young so I got time to think about it," Bird said of his favorites. Arizona is currently at the top of the list for Bird, who also said that the Wildcats are coming after him the hardest.

Seems promising enough for Wildcats fans, butt 2013 is quite awhile away, and you'd have to figure this recruitment will be ongoing even if he does make an early decision.

Oh yeah. Here's his mixtape.

Jabari Bird Sophomore Season Mixtape... 5 Star Talent in 2013 (via Yayareasfinest2006)

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