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USC Suspends Marc Tyler, Projected To Return & Rush For 700 Yards Against Cal

USC Trojans running back Marc Tyler keeps on landing himself in trouble, and he committed the ultimate sin this weekend--getting his face plastered on TMZ. Tyler was suspended today for the season opener by USC, as Lane Kiffin saw no choice but to punish his young star tailback for his transgressions against his football team. Currently Tyler is only out for one game, although it might get longer as the season nears and the Trojans scrutinize his past issues.

This can only mean bad news for the California Golden Bears. Undoubtedly, a longer suspension will probably sideline Tyler for the rest of September, meaning Tyler will be back just in time for the showdown in AT&T Park with Cal. In case you've forgotten, here is what Tyler averaged last year against Cal.

  • 7 carries, 79 yards, 11.29 yards per carry, touchdown.

Using science(!), we've determined that Tyler will carry the ball 70 times for at least 700 yards (and approximately seven touchdowns) to make up for lost time. This is unfortunate, but projections never lie when they portend doom for the Bears.

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