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Jeff Tedford Discusses Willy Lyles: "We've Done Nothing Wrong"

The folks at California Golden Blogs have all the latest on the Willie Lyles saga and it would appear to be fairly solid news for Bears fans. Upon returning from vacation, Tedford began making the rounds with the media explaining the relationship between Cal football and Lyles and the one time he actually met Lyles.

The basic news is that Tedford once met Lyles in a group setting but had never called or texted with him. Cal reportedly has used a variety of scouting services and did use Lyles' service at one point. They first used Elite Scouting Services when Lyles worked there. When Lyles went independent, Cal followed for a year because he was charging half what Elite had previously charged. Cal has since moved on to another service.

While Chip Kelly and Oregon continue to flail away at the numerous charges building against them, Cal seems to be remaining in the clear. The NCAA inquired with Cal several months ago about documents relating to their relationship with Lyles. Athletic Director Sandy Barbour stated that the NCAA has not followed up since that initial request.