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Double Pump Summer Tip-Off: Cal & Stanford Basketball Vie For Grant Verhoeven

These aren't as common as the fever-pitched USC/UCLA recruiting battles that polarize Southern California every winter, but a Cal/Stanford recruiting fight could also be brewing in men's hoops.The California Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinal appear to be two candidates for a player that seems to draw many comparisons to one Mark Madsen, and considering Madsen played for one school and was instructed by the coach of the other school, it makes sense that both would be after him.

Grant Verhoeven of Central Valley Christian High in Visalia, California has been under the microscope lately as he progresses from being under the radar to flickering within range of prominent status. Verhoeven showed off his stuff at the Double Pump Summer Tip-off in Los Angeles, and he showed off that impressive motor that can make him a rebounding force in the conference. Monty has been showing interest in Verhoeven for quite some time, and Stanford is also pursuing him hard. Here's the report from Hoopniks on his basketball game.

Verhoeven’s motor and work ethic can’t be questioned as he is one of the rare big men who sprints from defense to offense and vice versa. He competes on both ends of the court as he tries to get inner position for every rebound, offense or defense. When he does come down with a defensive rebound, you will find the ball tucked under his chin with elbows out and his eyes looking up. He lacks any offensive skills but it is hard to believe that his tough play and size wouldn’t be able to help a PAC-12 program.

Will either Cal or Stanford land him? Both appear to be the current favorites.

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