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Oregon Ducks Cornerback Cliff Harris Suspended Indefinitely, Will Not Play Against LSU

Oregon punt returner Cliff Harris has had a pretty rough weekend, and it just got rougher. Matt Prehm of Duck Territory reports that Harris will be suspended indefinitely, which means he will miss the much-anticipated season opener against the LSU Tigers

Harris might have gotten off a little easier if this was his first offense. But Harris is a repeat traffic offender, was driving with a suspended license in a rented vehicle purchased by an Oregon employee, skipped a court hearing today, and has over $8500 in traffic fines piled up. The whole situation reeked, and it was inevitable the Ducks would have to come down and punish him.

That doesn't mean Harris won't play next season. LeGarrette Blount was also suspended indefinitely in 2009 after the famous Falcon Punch in Boise, but he was allowed to return at the end of the season and played a critical role in Oregon's victory over Oregon State in the Civil War. Chip Kelly has proven to be a rather forceful arbiter, but he has shown he can be merciful too. If the Ducks need him, expect the gifted corner/returner to be back for the big games in November.

Is Harris's punishment appropriate? How badly would you have punished Cliff Harris if you were in charge in Oregon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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