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NCAA Football Bowl Schedule: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, New Year's Eve, Pac-12 vs. Army

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (which you might remember as the Emerald Bowl, the local Bay Area bowl at AT&T Park) has been moved around quite a bit. It was originally a post-Christmas game and one of the premier non-BCS matchups. Last season it was moved to the weekend before the BCS title game in hopes of drumming up more interest in the Pac-12 closer to the end of the season (although Nevada ended up taking the place of the Pac-12 team when there weren't any bowl-eligible teams left to take those spots). Now, Kraft Fight Hunger is moving again, this time to right smack dab in the middle of those two previous slots.

The game will be contested on New Year's Eve at 12:30 PM PT, 3:30 PM ET on ESPN. Regardless of the day it's contested on though, it still remains one of the more attractive games on the docket with its nice location in San Francisco. All in all, it's a nice compromise for a middling/average/semi-good Pac-12 squad that just couldn't penetrate the top echelon of teams. They will face the Army Black Knights if they manage to obtain bowl eligibility. 

What do you think of the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on a Saturday New Year's Eve. Will you be interested in watching? Let us know in the comments!