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Pac-12 TV Network Will Have Featured College Football Games (Rivalries?), Broadcast Games Not On FOX/ESPN

Despite all the drastic changes in terms of national exposure for the contracts by both ESPN/ABC (click here for details) and FOX/FX (click here for details), the overall number of games that will be distributed on both of these networks didn't change (44 to 44). Considering there are at least 54 conference games and 36 non-conference games, that means we still have 46 games unaccounted for. Where are the rest of the games going?

The Pac-12 television network, silly. It's clear that the creation of any TV network would have necessitated some of the college football games be shown on their channels, because otherwise it would've been difficult for the network to make any sort of sustainable profit.  The network has also stated they will be showing some big-time matchups, meaning that we could see a lot of ranked Pac-12 teams end up here in national telecasts (likely in the 5 PM PT/8 PM ET window). This will ensure higher demand for the conference network and ensure more cable subscribers put the Pac-12 Network into their TV lineups.

Although it's not stated explicitly, it's very likely the Pac-12 network will use that to retain access of some (if not all) of the rivalry games, the conference's mainstay rating draws. While while not every alum will care about college football on a week-by-week basis, Cal-Stanford, USC-UCLA, Arizona-ASU, Oregon-Oregon State and Washington-Washington State are all guaranteed to be huge hits year-in, year-out. So it would make sense if the Pac-12 TV Network put at least a few of those matchups on its network.

So don't be surprised if you see The Big Game, Civil War, Apple Cup, Duel In The Desert, and the Victory Bell all be contested on various weeks in November.