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Gus Johnson & Charles Davis, Pac-12 College Football Announcing Team On FOX & FX

The good news is officialFOX Sports sent out a release stating that Gus Johnson is on his way to the Left Coast. He will join analyst Charles Davis, one of the few positive aspects of the ill-fated  BCS on FOX experiment, to provide one of the premier college football tandems in the land.

Because the new Pac-12 football TV contract doesn't start until 2012, he will broadcast only either the Pac-12 football championship or the Big 10 football championship this season on FOX; the remainder of his college football broadcasts will come on FX, where he'll be broadcasting a hodge-podge of Pac-12, Big 12, and Conference USA games before moving primarily to FOX next season.And for those sad that Gus will no longer be calling the sport he was destined for, college basketball? Never to fear! Gus will still be announcing games on the Big Ten Network, and starting in 2013 will be announcing parts of the Pac-12 basketball tournament on FOX. It would've been nice for Scott to get Johnson to become the primary college hoops announcer too for the Pac-12, but hey, you take what you can get. Maybe in time the Pac-12 hoops thing will grow on him--we do have some pretty fun teams and exciting styles of play.

(HT the 506)