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Denver Broncos Draft Picks: Cal Linebacker Mike Mohamed, Sixth Rounder

The fifth and sixth rounds of the NFL Draft is where the linebackers (particularly on the inside) start getting picked out. There are so many solid inside linebackers that can get guys on the ground, play passing lanes, and blitz the quarterback. They all look the same, so it's difficult to figure out who will make it at the next level.

So it makes perfect sense that a strong, productive, but unexciting linebacker like Mike Mohamed ends up being picked midway through the sixth round by the Denver Broncos. It's no knock on Mohamed, who Cal fans all recognize was an essential part of our defense last season, but he doesn't really stand out, meaning he'll have to work his way onto a roster despite being picked. The Broncos are loaded with linebackers, and Mohamed will need to prove his worth with his intelligence, high football IQ, and his strong all-around game.

Broncos fans, what do you think of the pick? Let us know in the comments and go to Mile High Report to discuss the pick with other Denver fans. Cal fans, check out California Golden Blogs for more on Mohamed.