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Cleveland Browns Draft Picks: Stanford Fullback Owen Marecic, 4th Round

Owen Marecic of the Stanford Cardinal was considered by Jim Harbaugh to be the perfect football player, and he'll be taking his talents to a situation where he'll probably have to be perfect to get on the field early. Marecic is headed to the Cleveland Browns, where he'll have to work his way up to get into the offensive groove of things. The Browns already have a solid fullback in Lawrence Vickers, who was considered a Pro Bowl snub last year. Marecic will probably start his career in special teams and try and work his way up to get into the offensive rotation. He doesn't really have any chance of being a linebacker.

At least with Peyton Hillis, the Browns now have the potential for the first all-white backfield since ... when? That's always different. It's a little high to get Marecic, but still.

Browns fans, what do you think of the pick? Let us know in the comments and go to Dawgs by Nature (our Browns SB Nation site) to discuss! Stanford fans, discuss at Rule of Tree!