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2011 NFL Draft Third Round Picks: Chris Conte Grabbed By Chicago Bears

Safeties are not easy to come by in the NFL. You never can really tell. You have to see how they develop, how well they tackle, how good their cover skills are, how well they can contain the run, etc. etc. So it’s never an easy task to pick one, but a lot of them usually go a little bit earlier than people expect.

Chris Conte of the California Golden Bears seems to be the latest example, as he gets picked 93rd by the Chicago Bears. The Bears have plenty of defensive talent, so Conte might have to wait his turn before he sees the field, but that might be the ideal situation for him to grow and develop as a pro player. Conte is used to being displaced, as he spent most of his time at Cal playing cornerback before he finally ended up where he belonged at safety.

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