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2011 NFL Draft Results: Shane Vereen, New England Patriots Tailback Second Round Pick

Shane Vereen was a great runner at Cal, and all this despite having a lot of trouble adjusting to a poor offensive line and inconsistent quarterback play the two years he started for the California Golden Bears. But Vereen can run, he can play between the tackles, he can play outside and run in open space, he can pass protect, he can pass catch out of the backfield. He is an all-around running back that's similar to Cameron Jordan in player profile--solid in innumerable facets of the game.

Sounds like the type of complete runner Bill Belichick likes. Vereen was picked by the New England Patriots with the 56th pick, and he could challenge BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead immediately to grab more playing time and try and pump up a Pats rush attack that sputtered in last year's AFC Playoffs. Vereen might not start, but he could definitely showcase the strength to play in short-yardage situations, and could come out of the backfield and haul in some balls thrown to him by Tom Brady.

What do Cal and New England fans think about this pick? Let us know in the comments!

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