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NFL Mock Draft 2011 Second Round: Stephen Paea To Denver Broncos?

Brian Galliford of SB Nation has gone ahead and simulated the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft for us, and he has one local prospect from the Bay Area being picked--Stephen Paea, who has been everywhere around the globe (and actually played high school football in Utah), but claims his hometown to be Los Altos.  Paea was on the Oregon St. Beavers last year, and while he didn't have the greatest season (and neither did his team), he is very physically talented and certainly has the tools to succeed at the next level.

Galliford says the Denver Broncos will take him. Even though the most pressing need of the Broncos was running back, they also couldn't pass up on a talent like Von Miller of the Texas A&M Aggies, who they landed with the second pick. Paea will fill a position of need for them.

What do Broncos and Beavers fans think about this possible pick?

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