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Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints First Round 2011 NFL Draft Pick

Once Tyson Alualu got selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cameron Jordan knew he had a chance not just to be an NFL player, but a first round draft pick. Jordan had all the natural talent in the world and just needed to apply it on the field on a consistent basis. And he showcased it with a strong 2010 season that displayed all his versatility, as defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi proved his worth once again. Jordan is on his way to Bourbon Street, and will be manning it up for the New Orleans Saints next year.

Jordan played various techniques. He lined up in five technique and engaged the tackle, as well as occasionally speed rushing off the edge. He went to three technique and gave opposing guards lots of problems, particularly with his swim move. He could drop into coverage and play with the skills of an outside linebacker. He was good at stripping the ball and forcing fumbles. There's a lot in place for Jordan to be a long-term viable defensive lineman who will be playing a long time in the league.

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