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NFL Draft Rumors: Adam Schefter Reports No Cowboys-Patriots Trade Of Picks To Land Cameron Jordan

Cameron Jordan might be selected by the New England Patriots, but it's probably not going to be by moving up to get himAdam Schefter of ESPN reports that any deal the Patriots might be making with the Dallas Cowboys to try and snare the Cal defensive end is kaput. If the Pats want him, they're going to wait him out with the 17th pick.

While Jordan could still end up in Bill Belichick's system, there are other teams that are interested in his services. The San Diego Chargers are looking for bulk up front and are only a pick behind New England. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins have all expressed interest in Jordan, and they will all pick ahead of New England.

The lesson as always: You should know better than to trust Chris Mortensen on any important rumor mill story. You're just asking to get your hopes dashed.

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