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Arizona State Sun Devils New Logo & Trident: Future Chicago Gang Sign?

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The new uniforms and helmets of the Arizona St. Sun Devils debuted to much fanfare last week, and they were met with rather wide acclaim by their fans and athletes. However, it might become a bigger problem for Sun Devil fans residing in the Second City. One ASU alum who's worked the Chicago beat for the past couple of decades believes ASU will become the symbol for something far more sinister. Bob Young of the Arizona Republic reports.

"The gangs adopt sports teams and wear their gear," Epich [Sgt. in the Chicago PD] said. "The S.D.'s are going to adopt the (ASU) hat as their hat of choice just as soon as they see the first person wearing one."

He probably has reason to worry. After all, there's the devil tie-in. Sun Devils and Satan's Disciples both start with an S and a D.

And, of most concern to Epich, there's that trident.

Turns out the gang uses a trident similar to ASU's as one of its symbols. Gang members have them tattooed on their bodies and tag neighborhoods with them. Epich believes some of the artwork he has seen of the gang's symbol is strikingly similar to the ASU trident.

In all honesty, this is a non-story. This wouldn't be the first time a team has been affiliated with the gang culture. The Los Angeles Raiders became a notable fixture among the Bloods and the Crips during the 80s. Similar things occur with other major groups. Baseball caps in almost every major city are worn by gang members.

Because as we all know, it's not people that kill people, it's logos. Bad, crazy logos.

For more background on the Satan's Disciples, check out this episode spotlighting the group on Gangland (part 1 can be found here and is embedded blow; click here for part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5). Warning, excessive violence and langauge in these videos.