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UCLA Bruins Spring Practice Scrimmage Update: Offensive Line Struggles

The UCLA Bruins had one of the worst offenses in the country last year, and the big issue has been an unstable offensive line prone to injury and shakeups in the depth chart. The Bruins aren't expected to have a great offense this upcoming season, but much is expected as Rick Neuheisel edges closer and closer to the hot seat.any

If spring scrimmage is any indication, they have a long way to go. Jon Gold of Inside UCLA reports.

The passing game was really off, though. Constant pressure in the backfield, with some big plays from Owa Odighizuwa and Iuta Tepa. Overall, the offensive line just didn't get a lot of push.


The second-team offense really struggled with the snapping of Kody Innes. With Greg Capella running with the ones and Kai Maiava sidelined, Innes took the second-team snaps and almost every single one was off.

Now, a lot of things can change between now and fall, but it has to be concerning that Bob Palcic has gone four years without developing consistent execution on the frontline with any of his groups. Other than an early stretch of 2010 where the Bruins Pistol attack was quite effective, UCLA has been mired in the mud and their quarterbacks have been caught running for their lives.

Although the runners were more effective in practice (particularly Jordon James and Johnathan Franklin), the passing game has been what's lacking in Westwood the past few years, and soild pass protection is needed. It's safe to say that finishing 73rd in sacks allowed and 102nd in tackles for loss allowed won't be tolerated this season by a discontented UCLA fan base.

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