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WSU Basketball: Klay Thompson Declares For NBA Draft, But Leaves Door Open For Return

Klay Thompson of the Washington St. Cougars had to do a lot last season. With most of the rest of his team struggling to be consistent on offense, Thompson had to carry the brunt of the scoring duties and take a majority of the shots. His individual numbers suffered, but he was able to lead Wazzu to the NIT tournament semifinals after a disappointing season.

Well, it looks like Thompson is ready to try out his talents at the next stage, as he declared for the NBA Draft. It's not set in stone that he'll be leaving, because he still hasn't hired an agent. But if he likes what he sees, he will most certainly depart.

Cal and Stanford fans will probably be happy with the news. Thompson nearly single-handedly beat the Bears in Berkeley last spring, and put up 21 points two days later against the Cardinal in Palo Alto. While he doesn't really have much to improve on, imagine a Cougar team that was much improved next year and didn't have to rely as much on Thompson. That would be a scary prospect for any Pac-12 team to deal with.

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