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Madden 12 Cover Contest: No Curse For Aaron Rodgers; Peyton Hillis Scores The Upset

Cal football fans can breathe a sigh of relief; their beloved Aaron Rodgers is not going to be risking the Madden Curse this NFL season (if there is an NFL season). Due to an incredible Internet campaign for Peyton Hillis, the Cleveland Browns running back beat the Green Bay Packer quarterback and Super Bowl MVP 61 to 39% in their Final Four matchup. Hillis will move to the finals to take on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.


Cal fans can look at this another way though; without the contributions of former Cal center Alex Mack, I doubt Hillis would have enjoyed the incredible success he had at running back this season. And Vick wouldn't have been such a great performer this season if Cal wide receiver legend DeSean Jackson wasn't there to stretch the field on offense for the Eagles. So no matter what happens, the Madden Cover will have some influence of Bears in it.

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