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Oregon Ducks Backup Quarterback Dustin Haines Arrested, Suspended From Team

Darron Thomas is the starting quarterback for the Oregon Ducks next year, make no mistake about it. But let's face it, no one in Oregon's offense, particularly at the quarterback position, is ever immune from injury. They run the ball a lot, exposing them to low hits from feisty linebackers/defensive linemen and high hits from defensive backs. The possibility of injury is that much greater with so many additional tackles on the quarterback.

Which is why this news of one of Thomas's competitors messing up this past weekend is all the more pertinent. Ken Goe of OregonLive reports.

Haines after he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest early Saturday morning by Eugene police responding to reports of a loud party.

"Yeah, he's suspended until we figure out what's going on,'' coach Chip Kelly said after Monday's practice.

Police say Haines became hostile and scuffled with officers. He was charged with with excessive noise, interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest.

Now, I don't really know how good Haines is (he isn't really ranked that highly by any of the recruiting services), but it's clear he can run the football from this highlight reel, and that's winning half the battle right there for being an Oregon quarterback.

Dustin Haines Highlight QB 09 (via stieg18)

Entering Chip Kelly's doghouse probably means if Thomas ever get injured, the responsibility falls to Bryan Bennett to lead Oregon on the field. Bennett is a highly respected quarterback, but is he ready to handle the high-octane Duck attack in case that moment arrives?

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