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ASU Nike Football Jerseys Include Alternate Black Uniforms, Pitchfork Helmets

The Washington St. Cougars had an understated look to their new dubs. The Arizona St. Sun Devils decided to go the other way with their new Nike look. Lots and lots of flash here, which seems like the right way to go for the very flashy environment of Tempe.

Here's what the new black uniforms look like.


That's some desert terror right there. Considering the Sun Devils arguably had the worst uniforms in the Pac-10 before this upgrade, so I'm more inclined to say this is a step in the right direction.

Also, check out the pitchfork helmet. Compared to the Disney devil that danced on the old Sun Devil hat, this is a drastic improvement because of the total sickness. It looks like there's some influence from the San Diego Chargers thunderbolt, which is one of the coolest helmets in football. For those who had affection for Sparky, he's still on the helmet. He's just placed on the back.

And we thought there was no way to make Vontaze Burfict scarier to face on the field. Silly us.

For more reaction from Sun Devil fans, check out our ASU blog, House of Sparky. For more photos, head over to ASU Athletics and their Facebook photo album, which features candid shots of Sun Devil athletes sporting the new apparel.