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WSU Uniforms Has Subtle Color Changes, Alternate Grey Unis

The Washington St. Cougars haven't done much on the field the past few seasons, so clearly, it's time to change things up. And by things, I mean clothes! Because you've got to always be prepared to dress for success.

Wazzu has unveiled their new unis courtesy of Nike, which definitely have that clean, crisp look to them. The Cougars have returned more to standard greys and reds rather than the more flashy maroon and silver look. The bigger news is their alternates, which should be a more divisive look to Cougar fans.


It's hard to think of why the Cougars decided to go this way. This could be reflective of solidarity with their Canadian brothers to the north (Canada seems to prefer a pastoral and postmodernist look to thei) or a statement for simplicity remains to be seen, but it's clear that the Cougars are going to make one opponent gape and stare a little bit longer than usual prior to kickoff. For once it won't have to do with questions like "Wow, why's that Pullman high school kid lining up at left tackle?" and "Which student won the random drawing to be quarterback?"

You can view more photos of the new kicks over at SB Nation Seattle and Coug Center, courtesy of Brian Floyd.