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Cal Basketball Bracketology: Solidly In Position For An NIT Bid, No Chance At NCAA At-Large

Thanks to a big three game winning streak that mostly cancelled out a disastrous four game losing streak near the beginning of February, the California Golden Bears men’s basketball team is in solid position to play tournament basketball if they can stay solid into the month of March (both in their final games against the Stanford Cardinal and in the Pac-10 tournament). Unfortunately, it is looking like the consolation bracket for the Bears, as Cal might end their season in the National Invitation Tournament without an improbable Pac-10 tournament run.

According to the Bracket Project, Cal is currently a 5th seed in the NIT and would be lined up against their future Pac-10 buddies the Colorado Buffaloes. That pretty much places the Bears in pretty safe position (even though they’d have to play most of their games on the road). At 16-13, there really is no hope any more for an at-large bid. Their only possible ticket to the Dance is to win the last three games they could possibly play (i.e. win the Pac-10 Tournament).