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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cameron Jordan Fits With Patriots, Chargers

In most drafts, California Golden Bears defensive end Cameron Jordan would be a lock to go high because of his versatility to play multiple schemes and multiple positions on the defensive line. Unfortunately, this draft is stacked with quality defensive linemen. Da'Quan Bowers of the Clemson Tigers, Robert Quinn of the North Carolina Tar Heels, Marcell Dareus of the Alabama Crimson Tide, and Nick Fairley of the Auburn Tigers all are blue-chip defensive lineman prospects who all have the potential to be franchise changers for whichever team selects them.

However, while this might not be the ideal draft for Jordan to get the best pick and the best contract, it might be a good thing for him long-term because he'll end up on a better team. While Jordan is a spectacular athlete, he's not a game-changer unless he's on a defense full of players that complement his talents. Currently, two teams seem to fit the bill in the mid-first round range that might have their eyes on the jovial Jordan.

New England Patriots, 17th or 28th pick. The Patriots inability to generate pass rush doomed an outstanding 14-2 campaign in the playoffs, as Mark Sanchez made enough good throws for the Jets to pull off the upset in Foxboro. Jordan could give the Pats some much needed edge rush capability, plus his familiarity with the 3-4 scheme (this ESPN article has it wrong, Jordan played primarily as a 3-4/3-3-5 defensive end at Cal) will allow him to fit right into the system.

San Diego Chargers, 18th pick. The Chargers are looking to draft a defensive end or outside linebacker, considering they have similar issues as the Patriots (lack of pass rush, familiarity with the 3-4), plus the Chargers could experiment with Jordan splitting time at both the outside linebacker and the defensive end slots.

I'm sure many more teams will pop up as a potential suitor as the time begins closing toward the NFL Draft.